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SCH, KMHW-accredited medical institute.

SCH was accredited as a safe and qualified hospital by KMHW.
SCH received intensive field investigation and document screening on 404 items in 13 fields including patient security
assurance, patient care system, improvement of patient care quality, drug management, infection control, management of
organization and manpower and patient satisfaction, etc. by KMHW-designated organization Korea Institute for Healthcare
Accreditation for 4 days from April 24, 2011.
After the investigation, on June 8, SCH received formal notification that SCH was designated as KMHW-accredited medical
As the result of this accreditation by KMHW, SCH received an accreditation mark issued by KMHW, and as a ‘qualified
and safe hospital’, is currently providing differentiated medical service from that of other hospitals.

the only 1st grade medical institute in the Busan-Gyeongnam region three years in a row.
Stroke Center of SCH got perfect score of 100 points in the Assessment of Acute Phase
Stroke Management conducted by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

Stroke Center of SCH

Stroke Center of SCH is a specialized center that treats brain diseases such as cerebral infarctions or strokes.
The Stroke Center consists of cutting-edge devices and facilities, and a specialized staff of neurology and neurosurgery.
Operating 24 hours a day, the Stroke Center of SCH is conducting fast and correct diagnosis and treatment.

The result of the Assessment of Acute Phase Stroke Management is,

  • - 100 points.

    SCH has received perfect score of 100 points in the Assessment of Acute Phase Stroke Management.

  • - Grade A

    SCH also received grade A in the Assessment of Organization of Medical Professionals for Cerebrovascular
    Disease Treatment.

  • - 99.7%

    SCH also recorded a perfect score of 99.7% in the Assessment of Treatment Process Index which evaluates the
    appropriateness of the treatment process when a patient visits a hospital.

The Regional Emergency Medical Center of SCH,
the only top-ranked emergency center in Gyeongnam

As the result of 2011 National Assessment of Emergency Medical Centers, Regional Emergency Medical Center of SCH was
assessed as the only top-ranked competent emergency medical center in Gyeongnam.

Regional Emergency Medical Center is...

The KMHW-designated final stage emergency medical institutes in each of the 17 regions across the nation.
Sungkyunkwan University Samsung Changwon Hospital is operating the only Regional Emergency Medical Center in
Gyeongnam with qualified medical staff, cutting-edge devices and facilities since 2000

  • 1. Medical specialists reside in the hospital for 24 hours, 365 days.

    Medical specialists of each department reside in the Regional Emergency Medical Center of SCH all the time.

  • 2. Medical specialists of each department reside in the Regional Emergency Medical Center of SCH all the

    SCH is operating a Specialized Center for Severe Emergency Diseases for brain diseases (cerebral hemorrhage,
    cerebral infarction), heart diseases (acute myocardial infarction) and severe trauma,
    which are designated as three major severe emergency diseases by KMHW, to treat those patients promptly and
    correctly in life-threatening circumstances.

  • 3. Pediatric ward, quarantine room and intensive care unit are separated.

    ICU equipped with state-of-the-art devices, pediatric ward with environment familiar to children, and quarantine
    room for highly infectious patients are separated.

  • 4. Prompt and effective treatment! ICU and examination room only for patients in emergency are fully

    CT devices, ICU and ward only for patients in emergency are placed in the nearest space to the emergency room
    so that prompt and effective treatment is possible.

  • 5. Referral system closely connected to Samsung Medical Center

    For patients with extremely severe conditions who cannot be treated in local hospitals, SCH has a prompt referral system
    connected to the Emergency Medical Center of SMC